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Top 30 activities to do in SeptemberAntonín Dvořák is one of the most significant, or even the most important, of Czech composers. This festival is a celebration of traditional songs in Prague (transalted as Dvořák’s Prague) and kicks off within the village of Dvořák’s youth – Zlonice.

With a hectic pop-concerts program this fall, is Pharrel your no. 1? Tickets rane from 990 to 1590 CZK.

One of several top real time steel rings associated with the current scene plays their particular unique record Siren Charms at Roxy, Sept. 29 with, i really hope, the exact same gusto because they did at whenever I saw them this year.


This international festival functions young administrators’ debuts and pupils work, which compete for jury recognition. This year's theme is impressed by Aldous Huxley's dystopian classic Brave "" new world "".

With VIP hosts Elliot GOLDENTHAL (Alien 3, Interview because of the Vampire, Titus) and Patrick DOYLE (Thor, Eragon, Hamlet, Harry Potter 4, increase of Planet of Apes) you can easily benefit from the musical side of the movie business.

This is the very first year of an innovative new movie Festival of Roma customs taking place at the conclusion of September during the cinema Svetozor. Most the flicks tend to be English friendly.

Top 30 activities to do in SeptemberFESTIVALS

Old Town Square seems your favourite spot to host flash mobs, particularly a massive pillow battle. Hundreds of bubble blowers at any given time is an interesting experience, too.

Ladronka event is a crazy hodgepodge of leisure tasks, including lacrosse, climbing, US football, fencing, … COMPLIMENTARY.

Tata Bojs, theater, summer cinema, workshops and a big market selling handicrafts made by mentally handicapped clients from around the country. All arises from the event tend to be meant to enhance their treatment. Admission is no-cost so go and support a good cause!

The psychiatric hospital in Bohnice has become the many well-known in the country. Again, this event aims to present and make the hospital’s environment available to incoming visitors who aren't psychologically disabled. We suggest this occasion, the Bohnice area is breathtaking.

Title can be translated as “Experience the town differently." It is a neighbourhood event, that numerous locations throughout Prague (and Hradec Kralove, Jablonec nad Nisou, Ostrava) will transform the roads into cultural spaces packed with theater, food, recreations also tasks.

A event planning to bring together Czech and intercontinental pupil communities. Střelecký ostrov will likely be someplace where you can meet with different worldwide students companies, embassies yet others with a global focus.


There is no entry cost into the biggest gathering of all of the first class hamburger restaurants in Prague. Invite your tastebuds to a burger party offered by Dish, James Dean, Kandelábr and many others.

Top 30 things you can do in September Containall often hosts strange foodie activities (remember the Great Cheese Showdown or Chilli čili fest?). This time around, a complete Saturday in September may be dedicated to goats and all items they are able to enrich united states with.

Every globe food features its own vegetarian meals (smažák represents the Czech Republic). Taste them at Vegefest with a beautiful view of Prague from Vyšehrad. There is also an abundant associated program.

I really hope visitors of Vegefest won’t attack zabijačka lovers and the other way around. White pudding, brawn, bloodstream soup, … some people tend to be starting to salivate currently, but I don‘t know what to expect of this recently launched butcher's show. We are going to see...


Prague Fashion Weekend – September 3-7, Unique Fashion Week – September 8-14
There has been a dispute between those two events of who should be the genuine Prague Fashion Week. It finished up by one becoming known sunday, while the various other as Extraordinary, both showing the best of primarily Czech manner developers.

Top 30 activities to do in September Art, dance, concerts, DJs or discussions, all with regards to contemporary art. Held at modern so-called social recreation centre Radlická.

Everyone loves this event yearly despite how deeply the photographs influence me personally, or simply because from it. Take a pause and value these grabbed moments from around the entire world.

This extended Architecture Week actually lasts for four weeks. Occurring throughout Prague, it really is hosting exhibitions, intercontinental lectures and seminars.

Architecture Week

Once again, MeetFactory will open up all usually shut places to people to demonstrate to them their divisions collectively on one special night. What’s on? Arts, songs, theater, designers of MeetFactory’s residency program, films and activities.


The entire Czech Republic wants to end procrastinating recently, through a book Konec prokrastinace by Czech author Petr Ludwig, the pinnacle of GrowJOB institute. Finally, obtained seminars in English!

Not just experiments will require place at Science Fair which is co-organised by ICT Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague therefore the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry underneath the Czech Science Academy. If you nevertheless don’t have sufficient of research, strike the Night of Science on September 26.

If you should be fascinated with old commercial plants by science as it is, head once more this season to Ostrava’s place Dolní Vítkovice. Another multimedia and interactive centre will be built here and certainly will include the field of Science and Discoveries, World of Civilisation, realm of Nature and Children’s World.

When compared with other similar web/media/marketing celebrations is it one’s admission very inexpensive – 3, 000 CZK (till the termination of August). Reserve your home to find out the world's essential web personalities from Google, Twitter or Spotify!


Yes, I subscribed to this race and my dad and I also are pleased he guaranteed to run the whole size back at my side (he's 25 years older but works 10k a few times per week. We managed to get with great effort only once) so we can enjoy Prague through the night!

The rate of important mass can be sluggish as you possibly can in order not to fall off the bike. That’s what's stated within webpage associated with the event. It is 100% free, it's long 14 km with an afterparty by the end.

Anybody can run, but skating requires much better training. In the event that you trust yourself enough to be able to switch or brake (unlike me personally), it is possible to join this in-line skating competition at Rohanské nábřeží in Prague.

Top 30 activities to do in September Top 30 activities to do in September Architecture Week Top 30 Things To Do in September
David Icke in Prague September, 2010
David Icke in Prague September, 2010
4 Days in Prague | September 2014
4 Days in Prague | September 2014
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