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Czech Republic

European Parliament

You will find 21 people in the European Parliament from the Czech Republic. Learn just who these MEPs tend to be.

European Parliament workplace inside Czech Republic

Council regarding the EU

Within the Council regarding the EU, nationwide ministers satisfy regularly to adopt EU legislation and coordinate policies. Council group meetings are frequently attended by associates through the Czech Republic's government, with respect to the policy location becoming addressed.

Presidency associated with Council regarding the EU

The Council of the EU does not have a permanent, single-person president (like e.g. the Commission or Parliament). Rather, its tasks are led because of the nation holding the Council presidency, which rotates every six months.

During these a few months, ministers from that nation's government seat which help determine the agenda of Council group meetings in each plan area, and facilitate discussion using the other EU organizations.

Dates of Czech Republic’s presidencies:

European Commission

The Commissioner nominated because of the Czech Republic on European Commission is Vĕra Jourová, who's accountable for Justice, customers and Gender Equality.

The Commission is represented in each EU country by an area company, labeled as a "representation".

European Economic & Personal Committee

The Czech Republic has actually 16 representatives in the European financial and personal Committee. This consultative human anatomy – representing companies, workers and other interest groups – is consulted on proposed laws and regulations, to get an improved idea of the possible modifications to work and social circumstances in user countries.

Committee associated with Regions

The Czech Republic has 12 associates on Committee of Regions, the EU's set up of local and neighborhood representatives. This advisory human anatomy is consulted on recommended laws, assuring these rules simply take account associated with viewpoint from each area of EU.

Permanent representation into the EU

The Czech Republic also communicates because of the EU institutions through its permanent representation in Brussels. As Czech Republic's "embassy into the EU", its primary task is make sure that the nation's interests and policies are pursued because successfully that you can in the EU.

How much does the Czech Republic add and receive?

Associate nations' monetary contributions into EU spending plan are shared fairly, based on means. The larger your nation's economy, the greater it pays – and the other way around. The EU budget doesn't seek to redistribute wealth, but instead to pay attention to the requirements of all Europeans as a whole.

Break down of the Czech Republic's finances using EU in 2014:

  • Total EU investing in the Czech Republic: € 4.377 billion
  • Complete EU investing as per cent associated with the Czech Republic’s gross nationwide earnings (GNI): 3.03 percent
  • Complete Czech share towards EU spending plan: € 1.309 billion
  • Czech contribution toward EU budget as % of their GNI: 0.91 %

Even more figures regarding the EU spending plan, income and spending:

EU-funded tasks inside Czech Republic

The amount of money paid in to the EU spending plan by Czech Republic helps fund programmes and projects in most EU countries - like creating roadways, subsidising researchers and safeguarding the surroundings.

Prague Ecofin: EU Finance Ministers & bankers, meet
Prague Ecofin: EU Finance Ministers & bankers, meet
Discover Prague
Discover Prague
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