BoHo Hotel: the best location

Best location in Prague

This Prague hotel map reveals our advised places. Book some of these for a central stay, near adequate to all of the primary attractions.

Our guidance... never take your resort's location gently.

AND... do not get think no more than Old Town. Yes, Old Town is breathtaking and main, but emphasizing this 1 part of Prague could be one of the greatest blunders you may make when choosing a hotel.

Click the blue markers from the Prague hotel chart for information regarding each hotel and its particular location. Or, you will see a .

Malá Strana (Lesser Town)

This location is on remaining side of the Prague hotel chart overhead.

Don't let the "Lesser" an element of the title mislead you. This really is an excellent, main location to stay in. It is most likely well known!

Malá Strana gets overshadowed because of the hoopla of Old Town, but it should not. It's just as central as well as your resort alternatives are simply as good.

Malá Strana is... extremely convenient, walking length toward sights, enchanting, cozy, alluring, green, high in atmosphere and a little subdued and peaceful compared to Old Town.

Malá Strana is NOT... a shopper's haven, as commercial as the areas, also attached to the metro or since flat as Old Town.

Old Town, Staré Město and Josefov

Old Town is the many central area in Prague. It gets the majority of the interest because of its grand square, numerous sights and availability. We're including Josefov or the Jewish one-fourth here too, because it's a small area attached with Old Town.

Old Town is... the bustling tourist hub of Prague, well linked by trains and buses and filled with activities to do including galleries, galleries, shops and different sights. This has every little thing fundamentally, but it's also the essential "touristy" little Prague.

Old Town is NOT... the most affordable area to stay, and it's perhaps not the quietest. Additionally it is not very indicative of Prague as a whole.

New Town (Nové Město)

New Town is covered around Old Town together with two seemingly blur together. Actually, motels in this region might say they truly are in Old Town if they aren't.

No matter, brand new Town is a great and vibrant location to stay in Prague. It is more commercial and busier than Old Town, but really near to all the primary destinations and public transport is great throughout this area.

Brand new Town is fairly huge, therefore double check your usage of the town before you decide to book.

Brand new Town is... relatively commercial, less touristy and generally less expensive. It provides Wenceslas Square and has exemplary metro and tram connections.

New Town is NOT... as historical and atmospheric as Malá Strana and Old Town. And, it's not always as convenient when it comes to walking but nonetheless really main.

Hradčany, Vinohrady, Dejvice and Smíchov

These four places tend to be completely good places to stay in Prague too. These are typically included on our Prague Hotel Map above additionally.

They truly are just outside the typical visitor area, but which can be a very good thing.

You may not have the ability to rely on walking to sights right from your hotel. But Prague§s general public transportation is very good.

Plus, these areas will provide you with a proper, local experience to Prague. You will find more genuine stores and cheaper restaurants too.

Final note about areas and a Prague Hotel Map

As you seek out a hotel, you'll undoubtedly run into particular region numbers for Prague. Hotels want to recommend their existence in Prague 1, like.

Simply be aware that Prague's area numbers are not always as informing as you might think.

Prague 1 is obviously the primary historical areas, but a spot in Prague 2 and sometimes even Prague 5 may be similarly charming and convenient obtainable.

Therefore, don't get stuck on region numbers.

Their particular lines aren't meant to explain a hotel's quality or solution and additionally they can alter in one road to another location without a discernable price obtainable.

Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza, Prague, Czech Republic
Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza, Prague, Czech Republic
East or West Prague is best - Gastronomy
East or West Prague is best - Gastronomy
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