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daily-cost-prague-bigPrague is known as the most breathtaking urban centers in the field — it's as if you stepped inside a fairytale. It’s steeped ever sold, the alcohol is amazing, the design is top notch, additionally the costs are affordable. But you’ll want to visit sooner than later on as prices were gradually creeping up as more and more folks discover this phenomenal ancient city.

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Typical Regular Expense For Visiting Prague

Just how much you will spend on a typical time for the budget-conscious traveler.

Note: These prices are centered on just what you’ll should go to the city easily — they don’t include things like big evenings out in the bar/pub, club entry fees, souvenir/clothing shopping, tours, arbitrary acquisitions, nicer meals, etc. Don’t forget to budget additional for those of you “non-essentials.”

Typical “Budget” Regular Cost: $36 USD

  • Attractions: $6 (one paid destination + any free sights)
  • Food: $15.50
  • Breakfast: $2.50
  • Meal: $4.50
  • Dinner: $7
  • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): $1.50
  • Transportation: $2
  • Accommodation (Hostel): $12
  • Daily Cost of Frugal Travel in Prague: $21 USD

  • Tourist attractions: $4 (no-cost hiking trip + visit one of many free sights)
  • Food: $7
  • Breakfast: $0 (free hostel breakfast)
  • Lunch: $2 (ethnic street food, takeaway store fare, or a sausage)
  • Supper: $4 (make your very own dinner into the hostel or grab anything low priced)
  • Beer: $1 (relax within park and also have a cold one)
  • Transport: $1
  • Accommodation (Hostel): $9 (cheap hostel sleep)
  • Prague Appeal and Museum Prices

    Section of Prague’s beauty is walking the streets and admiring the design — that will help bring down any costs. Most of the primary sights don’t charge admission. However, whilst primary (and probably most readily useful) elements of Prague Castle tend to be no-cost, some areas require a ticket.

  • Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral: complimentary many extra areas require a pass
  • National Theater Opera Tickets: $3-$50
  • Church of St. Nicholas: .75
  • DOX Center for Contemporary Art: .75
  • Walking Tours: totally free (but you should point the guides) or - (for paid tours)
  • Bicycle Journey:
  • tsblogotwitterPrague Food Prices

    Traditional Czech cuisine is commonly relatively hefty, nonetheless it’s completing and affordable — perfect for the penny pinching backpacker. And once you’re finished together with your dinner you are able to clean it straight down with an incredible Czech beer. Prevent the tourist areas as you’ll discover overpriced and poor restaurants. Do some analysis online prior to you heading out to make sure you get a good meal at a great price.

    Budget Breakfast: Free-

  • Many hostels will offer you a free of charge, simple break fast that typically is composed of cereal, bread/croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, beverage, or juice.
  • A simple morning meal at cafe will normally include loaves of bread, jam, honey, bacon, mozzarella cheese, yogurt, and good fresh fruit. Expect you'll pay -.
  • You can also find numerous budget friendly choices during the bakery or food store.
  • Budget Lunch: -

  • Super spending plan people could make an excellent low priced lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit from any grocery store for some bucks.
  • Bars and taverns provide affordable fare for meal (or supper). For a burger expect to pay around $4.00-$5.50
  • A traditional goulash will cost about $5.
  • A normal open-faced sandwich will definitely cost $1-$2
  • A sausage from a road sausage stand will definitely cost about $2.75
  • Takeaway dishes like kebabs (gyros) w/ fries or similar meals from a takeaway store will definitely cost about $3.00
  • a combo dinner at McDonalds (or similar) will definitely cost about $5.50.
  • Budget Dinner: $5-$7

  • For budget tourists you’ll desire to go through the numerous cultural restaurants — a plate of Pho is about $5.
  • The average conventional Czech meal for a non-touristy restaurant will cost $7-$10.
  • A number of the choices from the ‘Budget meal’ section above will apply for supper.
  • Beverages and Alcohol:

  • A pint of standard alcohol: $1.00-$2.00
  • Pint of alcohol from a grocery store: $.65
  • Bottle of (drinkable) wine from grocery store: $5
  • Espresso: $1.60
  • Prague Transportation Prices

    Prague has actually a good community of trams, buses, and subways. They’re all affordable but make sure you constantly validate your violation because they do check riders’ tickets frequently. All types of trains and buses use the exact same solution.

    30-minute solution: $1

    90-minute violation: $1.35

    24-hour pass: $4.65

    3-day pass (72 hours): $13.20

    Ticket (via Bus + Subway) Between Airport and City: $2.76

    Taxi to Airport: $22+

    Prague Hostel/Hotel Accommodation Rates

    Prague comes with plenty of cheap accommodation, but you’ll most likely want to reserve just a little early assuring you receive the greatest choices. Additionally there are a good number of very cheap accommodations (they’ll probably be very bare-bones) you can also spend slightly additional if you want even more comforts. Local rental flats are a good alternative in Prague (I wouldn’t also consider getting a hotel room).

    Hostels: $9-$25 (bed in a provided dormitory room)

    There are many hostels in Prague and they’re priced well. The typical price per evening is approximately $12-18 — although some hostels raise their costs on weekend. Remember, these costs are for a bed in a shared dorm space. If you need a private room expect to spend $40-$70.

    Budget Hotels: $50-120

    On reasonable end you may expect really fundamental accommodation. Furthermore, the cheaper places ($30/night) are generally several kilometers outside the town center — which can be a bit of a headache. Inexpensive resorts close to the center of this town will definitely cost around $65-$100/night.

    Leasing Apartment: $50-$120

    From my experience rental apartments (via Airbnb) are much larger and much nicer than likewise listed rooms in hotels. Plus, you’ll get a kitchen in order to save yourself more money by cooking your own meals. I think leasing flats would be the strategy to use if you need some privacy. Additionally, if you’re traveling in a group it may usually be less expensive per individual hire one apartment.


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