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One of several nice reasons for Prague becoming into the heart of Europe is Prague is near numerous great urban centers. One is Budapest. The journey takes only over eight hours. The trains tend to be spacious with lots of luggage and knee room and in comparison to taking the cramped bus, it's a luxury cruise.

Should You Buy Your Tickets On The Web?

Many individuals have asked me personally where they should reserve their particular tickets online. I have a similar response: how come you intend to book your tickets online? The best option is buy the passes appropriate at principal (Hlavni) train station in Prague at the time you intend to leave for Budapest.

Price of Tickets - its Less Expensive buying Tickets in Prague

Purchasing your passes on the internet is more expensive and often more. The least expensive approach is to merely walk-up towards the countertop in the main section and purchase your violation. You should buy it for the next train or even for any future train, the price is similar.

Summer 20, 2014 I was on principal (Hlavni) stop and I asked all of them how much it costs for the next train to Budapest. The price is 1686 CZK or just around $84.00 US dollars for 2nd class. The cost is similar no matter what period the train leaves.

I quickly examined a couple of preferred on the web Train Ticket reservation websites. Here is a comparison:

Train Ticket expenses Prague to Budapest - Summer 2014
Buy Place Train Ticket Cost US$
Prague Principal ('Hlavni') Train Station $84.00
Internet Site 1 $130.00
Web Site 2 $124.00
Site 3 $115.00

Purchase Tickets in Prague - You Are Not limited by a Train Schedule

In the event that you reserve your pass online you're bound by a schedule and you may have to be within place at a certain time. You will never know. Maybe whenever you arrive in Prague you will find something that you couldn't anticipate and you'll desire to improve your plans. Nevertheless currently purchased the train solution so that you must go or have the hassles of rebooking on line.

In place of purchasing tickets at home before your vacation only wait and buy it in Prague. Your getaway should always be according to your schedule – maybe not by a ticket which you purchased 3 days prior to.

Trains Get From Prague To Budapest Three Times daily

A train actually leaves from Prague principal (Hlavni) Station to Budapest atleast ten times everyday and seven days per week. If you miss a train, you can always get the next one which will leave only a few hours later. I have already been to Budapest twice additionally the train has not already been sold out. Really I arrive an hour or so before it leaves and never have a problem buying the admission and getting a seat on the train. Of course if you want a window seat it is a smart idea to come only a little early so you have an improved collection of chairs.

This is actually the train routine for trains making to Budapest from Main (Hlavni) Train Station: (at the time of June 20, 2014)

Train makes the station at: 10:39

The travel time is just about 8 hours and ten full minutes.

*New* Purchase Your Tickets From Formal Czech Train Website

I have attempted it also it works great. Once you pay via credit card via their particular eshop you can expect to obtain a contact with the pass - printing the solution and go with you. The only real consideration when purchasing the solution is when you would like a reserved seat. A reserved chair costs more however if you need a window seat than it is beneficial.

Prague Budapest
Prague Budapest
prague to budapest.MP4
prague to budapest.MP4
HD TRAVEL: Prague & Budapest: Prague Old Town
HD TRAVEL: Prague & Budapest: Prague Old Town ...
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